Should CB DJ Hayden move to FS in his contract option year?

I think that most are in agreement that based on historical trends DJ Hayden will probably be a Raider in 2016. In my opinion, the consensus frustration with Hayden’s game is lack of awareness. Is there anything more frustrating than watching a WR catch the ball over Hayden with Hayden inside the opponents catch radius having NEVER turned around with his back to the QB the whole time?

Has anyone suggested moving Hayden to FS in his option year in an attempt to salvage his career? On rare occasion when Hayden is actually facing the QB he does make plays on the ball, he is a decent tackler and his speed would give him elite range. Hayden could back up Allen and would probably get significant time at the position as Allen could spell Woodson at SS as his career winds down and allows the Raiders best cover CB in Carrie to return to CB. Comparatively, Earl Thomas was a CB convert from Texas with similar measurables.

What should the Raiders do with Hayden in 2016?

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