OnE-2-“WaTcH” on Saturday: USC OT Zach Banner vs Stanford

USC OT Zach Banner

Zach Banner has also been an intriguing prospect since high school where he excelled as an OT in the Washington State area. Banner, the son of former Raider OT Lincoln Kennedy, definitely has NFL size at 6’8 1/4″ and weighing 360lbs but to this point has never lived up to his potential. However, after having surgery on both hips to correct abnormalities that compromised his flexibility it seems that the RS Jr. is healthy and ready to show the wares that could propel Banner into the NFL draft next season.

The first real test for both Banner and USC will begin today vs. Stanford. Banner is a RT but with as many holes as the Raiders have I could easily see them going back to back OTs if the value is there. Later this week I hope to do a follow up of Banner vs Stanford. Good luck to Banner, kindly referred to as “Hulk”, whose gregarious personality is as large as his frame.


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